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Fringe Underground 

今生 | Now




You’re now in the Underground Theatre. Black curtains almost completely cover the walls, but if you look behind the curtains you’ll see the original white bricks. And if you step or jump on the ground, you’ll find that it’s covered by a sprung floor, which helps ensure that actors and dancers don’t get hurt.


At the bottom of the wall, where it protrudes, you’ll see the scar from the excavation work that was done a few years ago to lower the floor of the space by 1.4 metres. This makes the venue more versatile, so that a wide variety of events such as performances, exhibitions, talks and workshops can be held here.

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Video:樓下劇場|Underground Theatre

Underground Theatre + Nicole Garbellini

Hong Kong Fringe Club
Underground Theatre + Nicole Garbellini
Underground Theatre + Nicole Garbellini

Underground Theatre + Nicole Garbellini

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神秘片段 (只限場地), 動身起行吧!

Secret Video (only available at venue). Go & Visit!

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