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​「學·玩·導」藝遊團 2018

Learn · Play · Lead Fringe Tour 2018

過去兩年間, 超過二百名來自五湖四海的導賞員在藝穗會接受建築、保育、口述歷史、形體表達等相關知識的培訓。他們將自己的興趣、背景融入導賞之中,從人性化的角度出發,向公眾講述發生在藝穗會的傳奇故事。




作為一位屹立於中環的「百歲老人」,藝穗會正在經歷第十三次復修工程,紅白磚牆剛剛脫下竹棚和絲網,煥然一新。 新一批導賞員也蓄勢待發,即將帶領大家親身探索這幢百年建築,分享她的保育故事,復修歷程。




導賞主題:藝穗會的活化保育 x 復修工程
日期:逢星期三、星期六 (公眾假期除外)
時間:15:00 (約45分鐘)


Over the past two years, more than 200 docents have equipped with the knowledge of architecture, conservation, oral history and body language during the training workshops at Fringe Club. Secrets and stories of Fringe Club were unfolded to the public by them through their unique narratives.


The premises of Fringe Club were established in 1890 by Dairy Farm as its Central Depot. After Dairy Farm vacated the premises for almost 10 years, Fringe Club moved in and breathed new life into the building in 1983. Ever since then, Fringe Club has revitalised the building into an open platform for contemporary arts and has been declared as Grade I historic building.


Fringe Club is going under its 13th renovation. With the façade washed clean and a group of docents newly trained, we would like to take this opportunity to invite general public to come and explore the history of this over 100-year-old building.


Sessions in May is now open. Free Admission. First come, first served.


Theme: The Revitalisation and Renovation of Fringe Club
Date: Every Wednesday and Saturday of April (except public holiday)

Time: 15:00 (Around 45 minutes)
Location: Hong Kong Fringe Club
Language: Cantonese or English


Fringe Tour 藝遊團

Learn · Play · Lead Fringe Tour 2018

Hong Kong Fringe Club
Learn · Play · Lead Fringe Tour  2018
Learn · Play · Lead Fringe Tour  2018

Learn · Play · Lead Fringe Tour 2018

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