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#8 為什麼藝穗會的藝術酒吧名為Colette’s

Why is the Artbar on the roof called Colette's? 

Colette’s以顧嘉玲(Colette Koo,1960-2010)小姐命名。她集舞台、電視演員、派對策劃師和餐廳經營者多重身份於一身,堪稱藝穗會的傳奇。她於1991年在藝穗會首次登台演出。在英國倫敦一套電視劇集” Backup in London”中,她曾擔任主角。她喜愛搞派對,曾經為藝穗會策劃過一些非常狂野的派對。她在藝穗會留下了許多故事,每一個畫面都是美麗而特別的。

It's named after Colette Koo (1960 - 2010). She was a Fringe legend:  stage and TV actress, party planner and restaurateur. She made her debut at the Fringe in 1991. She went on to land a lead role in a national TV series called Backup in London. She loved to party and designed some really outrageous ones for us. She appears in many frames of the Fringe story, every one of it is beautiful and special.

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