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#7 舊牛奶公司時期的苦差

A troublesome way of living in our old days

冰窖正門外以前還未興建現時的人行道, 冰塊和凍肉從皇后大道中碼頭落貨,再經由雲咸街人手推上牛奶公司倉庫,那時路面用石頭砌成,像石板街那樣子,所以以前送貨上來是一件辛苦事!

Transporting products to the Dairy Farm Depot was a big deal! Cobbled stone road outside the Vault. Can you imagine how goods were brought up on Wyndham Street? When ice and frozen meat were unloaded at old Queen's Pier, then they were pushed up manually the stoney rugged slope into the Vault. Tough!

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