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#5 Art + People = Fringe Club 的由來

The Origin of our “Art+People=Fringe Club”

插畫家彼德小話(Peter Suart, 他的中文名字意思是俗語”俾得小呀”)於1992設計的。他是香港長大的英國人,十分有才華 ,曾出版小童故事畫集,與藝穗會第一位全職職員李宇芬( Jacqueline Li )結婚。他的妻子後來成為了一位陶瓷藝術家。

It was designed by Peter Stuart, an Illustrator in 1992. He was born in UK but grew up in HK. He was talented in creating albums of painting and stories for children. His fate with Fringe Club didn’t end there: his wife is our first full-time staff, Jacqueline Li, who later has become a ceramic artist.

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