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#4 誰設計藝穗會Logos?

Who design Fringe Logos?






2011年威尼斯雙年展後,Benny邀請了蛙王Frog King(郭孟浩)為藝穗會設計新logo。從100個設計中選出,兩個紅點令人想起藝穗會早期的街頭表演者。

The first logo (1984-2011)

It was designed by Choy Kai Yan (he now looks just like a hero in a martial art movie). He's amalgamated the Chinese characters with the English word Fringe. That's worked beautifully.


The second logo (2011)

We've used it until 2011, our in-house designer, Simon Leung, came up with a brilliant version inspired by the facade of the Fringe Club.


The third logo (2012-Now)

After Venice Biennale 2011, Benny ( Fringe Club Founder ) invited Frog King to design a brand new logo for Fringe Club. The logo selected from his 100 designs. I guess when you first look at the two red dots on our logo, you might probably think of the street performers in our old days.

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