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#20 奶庫的瓷磚地板

Floor Tiles at Dairy

奶庫是香港唯一的爵士樂和「卡巴箂」(Cabaret) 式劇場。以前是牛奶公司的店舖,售賣牛奶、雪糕及其他奶品,故稱為「奶庫」。這裡保留了原有的瓷磚地板和高身窗,地磚上的長形疤痕是當時的售貨櫥櫃位置。

Fringe Dairy is the only jazz and cabaret venue in Hong Kong. Previously, it was the front shop of Dairy Farm selling milk, ice cream and other dairy products. That’s why we called it The Dairy. We have kept the tall windows and floor tiles, more or less intact.

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