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#19 主廚Joe的故事

More about Joe our master chef!

現在藝穗會的主廚,Joe Porndit Pumin 原本是中環富麗華酒店餐廳的泰廚,該酒店結業後便加入了我們,至今已經18年。一開始是他媽媽介紹他來Fringe。他媽媽曾在藝穗會做女工,Joe媽看見藝穗會員工中午時出外食飯,就提議由她來煮飯給員工吃,她的廚藝十分了得。但她說她兒子更棒,於是就介紹了Joe來了藝穗會,Benny (藝穗會創辦人)試了Joe的廚藝便決定請了他。


He joined Fringe Club after Furama Hotel, where he'd been in charge of Thai cuisine, closed down. He has been with us for 18 years since. How did he come to join us? Actually it was his mum, who was a helper in our office at that time. When she saw us eating from our lumpy lunch boxes, she volunteered to cook for us. Her cooking was unbelievable. When we told her so, she said it's her son who could really cook. That's how Joe has come to join us.

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