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#18 素食午餐的歷史由來

We started serving vegetarian lunch 30 years ago! 

在藝穗節早期,參加演出者,特別是來自英國好多都是吃素的,其中有一位藝術家懂得煮西式素食,藝穗節之後她留在藝穗會煮素食午餐,更傳授了秘製的沙律pesto sauce。其後,素食午餐由不同廚師主理,現時主理素食午餐的是泰國廚師Joe Porndit Pumin。至今,Fringe Club的沙律依然被認為是全中環最新鮮好味的!


During the Fringe Festival in the '80s many artists coming here to perform especially those from the U.K. were mostly vegetarians. One of them started to cook western vegetarian meals in our pantry. Later she helped out in Fringe Club and left the secret recipe for making the tastiest pesto sauce in town. Since then we keep serving vegetarian lunch until now. Currently it is prepared by Joe Porndit Pumin, our Thai chef. We are well-known for serving wok-to-table cook-and-serve vegetarian lunch.

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