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#16 排氣管表演特技

Air vent special stage effect

在藝穗會的樓上劇場,有一個煙囪形的排氣管道通至屋頂,很少有人知道它的存在。有一次,Lorette(看更及駐場藝術家)身穿一件淺藍色的短袍,在演戲到高潮時,後台幫手Paola Dindo(一位意大利繪畫修復家)將一桶水從那個管道潑下來,令Lorette 從頭到腳都濕透了。這件事發生在一個寒冬。


There is an air vent that looks like a chimney on the roof above the Fringe Upstairs Studio and very few people know about it. At the climax of her show that night, Lorette ( the first night guard & artist-in-residence ) who was dressed in a pale blue tunic had her stagehand Paola Dindo, an Italian painting restorer, pour a bucket of water down the vent over her body, soaking her head to toe. This took place in one of the coldest winter nights on record.

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