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#14 第一位看更

The First Night Guard

你知道嗎,藝穗會的第一位看更是一名荷蘭女演員。她最初跟隨前衛劇團KISS來到香港演出,之後愛上了這座城市便不願再返回阿姆斯特丹。當時她急需一處落腳的地方,於是我們收留她住在藝穗會。作為回報,她幫我們每日天打掃,在夜晚照顧藝穗會。她的名字叫做Lorette van Heteren。 

You know, our first night guard was a Dutch actress. She came to perform with an avant-garde theatre called KISS, fell in love with the City and didn’t want to go back to Amsterdam. She needed a place to stay. We let her stay in a room upstairs and in return she cleaned and looked after the Fringe Club. Her name is Lorette van Heteren.

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