#11 Circa1913鬼故

Sighting in Circa 1913


話說現時的Circa 1913是舊牛奶公司經理的房間。有一天晚上,同事M當值時,看見暗黑的Circa1913近暖爐旁的梳化上,低著頭坐著一位穿著西裝的外藉男人。第二天,同事M買了一本紙紮護照放在梳化前的茶几上。自那天起,再沒有人看見那個外藉男人......


Circa 1913 used to be the residence of the old Dairy Farm’s "taipan"(general manager). One night during security check, a well-dressed Caucasian man was found sitting on the sofa next to the fireplace. When approached, he disappeared. The next day the security went and bought a faux passport for burnt offering to the dead, and left it on the sofa. The man never appeared again, or so they say.

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