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整幢建築物是用紅磚和石屎水泥興建。全用水泥固然不夠好看,但為何又不全部用紅磚呢?原因是當時紅磚成本較高,所以便以水泥及紅磚相間建造。這類建築英文稱為「Bandaged brick work」,中文是「以沙布包裹磚頭」。

You’re now at the Main Entrance of the Fringe Club. What does the building look like? It’s an example of Western neoclassical architecture, in an Edwardian style. It’s a British building, and some people say it looks a bit like a ship. The entrance is made of red bricks and stucco. It definitely wouldn’t look as good if it had been built solely with stucco. But why wasn’t it built entirely with red bricks? The reason is that the cost of red bricks was too high, so the building features alternate layers of concrete and red bricks. This architectural style is called “bandaged brick work”.

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