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Fringe Dairy

前世 | Past





You are now at the Fringe Dairy, which was one of the retail spaces in the Dairy Farm building. Walking in the front door, you’d first see tiles of different sizes and colours forming a unique and exquisite pattern on the floor. In 1916 the store was transformed into the first supermarket in Hong Kong. It featured a row of shelves and counters. If you wanted to buy milk, cold meat or butter, all you had to do was just ask the staff and they’d pack the items at the checkout counter for you and give you a bill.


On the floor is a “scar” that marked where the counter was once located. Sunlight streamed in through the tall windows on both sides of the room. It was probably fun to shop here, with the fast-paced Lower Albert Road on one side and Wyndham Street on the other side.

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