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Fringe Dairy

今生 | Now

你身處的是奶庫。這裡是主要的拉闊音樂表演場地,富有彈性的場地設置可進行不同種類的音樂會,包括爵士樂至古典音樂,而這裡亦是香港唯一的卡巴萊 (Cabaret) 場地。


推門而入,牆上有屈曲成「奶庫」英文名稱 「The Dairy」 的螢光粉紅色霓虹光管。 這裡亦設有獨立的酒吧,你可以一邊暢飲,一邊欣賞演出。動人的旋律、木製的百葉簾再加上琥珀色吊燈散發的光線,別具格調。

You’re now at the Fringe Dairy, our main venue for live music. The setting is flexible, so many different kinds of shows – ranging from classical to jazz – can be held here.  It’s also the only cabaret venue in Hong Kong.


When you enter the space, you’ll see a shocking-pink neon light on the wall, spelling out the words “The Dairy”. Here, you can have a drink or two while you watch a show. The stylish décor, with its amber chandeliers and wooden blinds, adds to the inviting ambience. Come and enjoy a show!

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Video: 奶庫| The Fringe Dairy

The Fringe Dairy + Wilson Ng

Hong Kong Fringe Club
The Fringe Dairy + Wilson Ng
The Fringe Dairy + Wilson Ng

The Fringe Dairy + Wilson Ng

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The Fringe Dairy + Elaine Liu

The Fringe Dairy + Elaine Liu

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神秘片段 (只限場地), 動身起行吧!

Secret Video (only available at venue). Go & Visit!

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