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You’re now at Colette’s. This used to be the Fringe Club’s office. Then it became a photo gallery and finally the artbar. Unlike in a normal bar, artworks and photos are exhibited on the walls, so we’ve called the venue an artbar. It was named after Colette Koo, a local actress, artist, performer and entrepreneur. She was also a volunteer and a good friend of the Fringe Club. 


Colette’s is more than just a bar serving drinks – it also serves a vegetarian lunch buffet and Asian-style snacks. It integrates art into the bar, and provides a comfortable space where members can exchange ideas after shows.

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Video: Colette's

Colette's + Andy Wong &Frankie Lui

Hong Kong Fringe Club
Colette's + Andy Wong &Frankie Lui
Colette's + Andy Wong &Frankie Lui

Colette's + Andy Wong &Frankie Lui

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