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Jockey Club Cultural Heritage Leadership Project



LPL是學 · 玩 · 導(Learn · Play · Lead)。我們向活出不凡的人學習,我們向自己學習;我們玩樂人生,玩得有創意;我們領導自己,領導他人。


學 · 玩 · 導 是「賽馬會文化保育領袖計劃」的宗旨。這項計劃由香港賽馬會慈善信託基金捐助。



















1. 讓藝穗會自說自話



2. 學 · 玩 · 導

「學 · 玩 · 導」是這個計劃的核心。透過「學」,我們認識傑出人物的處事哲學和人生智慧,了解他們如何活出不凡;透過「玩」,我們跳脫既定的思考框框,用創意和玩樂人生的態度閱讀和解決生活上的問題;透過「導」,我們以他山之石及自身經驗作導航,學習領導自己,領導他人。

What is LPL?

LPL is Learn · Play · Lead. We learn from remarkable people and from our own. We play to be creative. We lead ourselves and then other people.


LPL, is the theme of our Cultural Heritage Leadership Project, funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.


We believe cultural heritage is more than brick and mortar. It's the sum total of our memories and experiences. It's the spirit that shapes our City.


People are the true custodians of cultural heritage. Our stories are the stories of Hong Kong.


There are many stories waiting to be told. By people who are remarkable in their own ways. Some of them are already famous in what they do. Some are heroes unsung.


Our Core Values:


SHARE – We believe we are all interconnected despite different cultures and beliefs.


FREE – We believe we are born to be free in the way we live, think of ourselves, and allow others to be.


COMMUNICATION – We believe it can break down barriers of all kinds.


INSPIRE – We believe Life is an act of miracle and never cease to be inspired by it.


LOVE – We believe it is what drives the Universe, makes everything look beautiful and us unafraid.


This project is divided into two parts:


1. Restoration of the Fringe Club building

It's built originally as an ice depot by old Dairy Farm more than 100 years ago. From 1983, by stages, Fringe Club has converted it into a vibrant award-winning contemporary arts space.


For the first time, after witnessing epochal changes of Hong Kong, we're going to restore the historical details as well as light up the facade as a tribute to this very special Grade 1 historical building.


A team of conservationists and architects is to give advice for the capital works. At the same time, they act as a bridge between the actual heritage building restoration and the so-called intangible cultural heritage that brings us to the 2nd part of our programme.


2. Learn · Play · Lead

The core of the Leadership Project is the tripartite concept of “Learn · Play · Lead”. We want to Learn from remarkable people, so as not to be limited by rigid or timid thinking; we propose to Play as a way of being creative and finding solutions in our everyday life; we will also learn to Lead by example and experience.

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